accepts, accepting, accepted
1) VERB If you accept something that you have been offered, you say yes to it or agree to take it.

[V n] Eventually Stella persuaded her to accept an offer of marriage...

[V n] Your old clothes will be gratefully accepted by jumble sale organisers...

All those invited to next week's peace conference have accepted.

2) VERB If you accept an idea, statement, or fact, you believe that it is true or valid.

[V that] I do not accept that there is any kind of crisis in British science...

[V n] I don't think they would accept that view...

[V n as adj/n] He did not accept this reply as valid.

[V-ed] ...a workforce generally accepted to have the best conditions in Europe.

3) VERB If you accept a plan or an intended action, you agree to it and allow it to happen.

[V n] ...Britain's reluctance to accept a proposal for a single European currency...

[V n] The Council will meet to decide if it should accept his resignation.

4) VERB If you accept an unpleasant fact or situation, you get used to it or recognize that it is necessary or cannot be changed.

[V n] People will accept suffering that can be shown to lead to a greater good...

[V n as n/adj] Urban dwellers often accept noise as part of city life...

[V that] I wasn't willing to accept that her leaving was a possibility.

5) VERB If a person, company, or organization accepts something such as a document, they recognize that it is genuine, correct, or satisfactory and agree to consider it or handle it.

[V n] We took the unusual step of contacting newspapers to advise them not to accept the advertising...

[V n] Cheques can only be accepted up to the value guaranteed on the card...

[be V-ed as n] Proof of postage will not be accepted as proof of receipt. [Also V n as n/adj]

6) VERB If an organization or person accepts you, you are allowed to join the organization or use the services that are offered.

[V n] All-male groups will not be accepted.

[V n as n] ...incentives to private landlords to accept young people as tenants. [Also V n into n]

7) VERB If a person or a group of people accepts you, they begin to be friendly towards you and are happy with who you are or what you do.

[V n] As far as my grandparents were concerned, they've never had a problem accepting me...

[V n as n] Many men still have difficulty accepting a woman as a business partner...

[V n into n] Stephen Smith was accepted into the family like an adopted brother.

8) VERB If you accept the responsibility or blame for something, you recognize that you are responsible for it.

[V n] The company cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage.

9) VERB If you accept someone's advice or suggestion, you agree to do what they say.

[V n] The army refused to accept orders from the political leadership...

[V n] Don't automatically accept the solicitor recommended by the broker.

10) VERB If someone's body accepts a transplanted organ, the organ becomes part of the body and starts to function normally.

[V n] ...drugs which will fool the body into accepting transplants.

11) VERB If a machine accepts a particular kind of thing, it is designed to take it and deal with it or process it.

[V n] The telephone booths accept 10 and 20 pence coins...

12) See also accepted

English dictionary. 2008.

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